LC1 Subject Options - Sept 2023



The subject options for 5th year preferences is now open until the 17th April 2023 for 3rd and Transition Year (TY) students to input their preferences before we can run the option blocks in preparation for next year’s Senior Cycle Programme.

An SMS text has been sent to all 5th year parents 2023/24 with a video link ( https://vsware.wistia.com/medias/n7yo7lck0k ) that you can watch before engaging in this process.  Our Career Guidance Counsellor Mr Tynan is available for any student who needs advice.

We will then run the option blocks and your preferences will inform our curriculum for September 2023.  It is very important that you engage with this process to ensure your child’s preferences are logged in order from 1-10; 1 being their 1st choice.  Please ensure they complete all 1-10 preferences as in the past we have had to remove subjects that were not popular and run the blocks again.

If your child has chosen to study the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme (LCA) then you do not engage with this process.

Subject preferences change from year to year which leads to a higher satisfaction level in Senior Cycle and more engaged and happier students.

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