First Year Subject Sampling


First years have commenced their sampling of options today, Monday 13th Sept. They were issued with new timetables and this process will continue for the duration of subject rotations. 


Sampling involves giving students a taster module of Junior Cycle subjects available in the school to help them make informed choices when making their subject choices later. Subject sampling may also expose students to new subjects that they have not experienced before. All students will sample ALL subjects over the month.  There will be repetition of certain subjects because there are subjects on two different Option Lines/Blocks. 


 At the end of the sampling period Students & Parents will then pick their subjects/options for the next three years. Where possible Mr Tynan , the school Guidance Teacher,  will try to give everyone advice on picking the right subjects. Parents will receive a report highlighting individual strengths & weaknessess based on CAT4 testing. More information on this will follow. 

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