Letters to Families

Academic Year 2023/24


Oct 4           Junior Cycle Information for Parents/Guardians

Sept 29       First Year Subject Sampling Letter  and Subject Option Form 

Sept 15       Higher Options / World Skills Ireland ( 6th Yrs )

Sept 13      Updates: student safety and well-being.

Sept 1        Delay in Modular Building Access

Aug 25       First Day - First Year Students  2023

Aug  24      Opening Dates & General Information 





Academic Year 2022/23

 Jun 19  5th Yr Booklist for 2023/24

 Jun 6   Leaving Certificate Candidate Information Guide

Jun 2    State Exams Arrangements 

May 30 Letter to Parents from HSE re Vaping 

May 26 Revised Summer Exam Timetable 

May 4   Letter from Inspectorate

Apr 17  Letter re School Uniform -6th Yr Only 

Mar 31  Easter Update 

Mar 27  Subject Options for 5th Year 2023/24

Mar 16  Senior Cyle Options 

Nov 29  Admission Policy Ammendment

Nov 18 Traffic Management

Oct 20  Collection Arrangements during school day.

Oct 3    First Yr Subject Choice & Modern Foreign Languages Information 

Sept 27 First Yr Subject Option Form (Sample)

Sept 20 Career Information Updates (Senior Cycle Students)

Sept 14 Teacher Shortages 

Aug 30 First Year Induction Day  & General Information 

Aug 29 Return to School Information





Academic Year 2021 /22

 May 25   5th Yr Booklist for Sept 2022

May 5     The CAT4 Reports outlined & explained. 

Apr 27     5th Yr Subject Option Preferences

Mar 10    Senior Cycle Options Meeting 

Mar 2     Virtual Parent Teacher Meeting (3rd & 6th Yr)

Feb 27    Arrangements from 28 Feb 2022

Feb 18    Mock Exam Fees 

Jan 28    Virtual Parent Teacher Meeting (1st Year )

Jan 25   Role of Student Support Team 

Jan 10   Virtual Parent Teacher Meeting (LCA & 2nd Yr)LCA & 2nd Yr)

Nov 25    6th Year Career Support

Nov 17    Virtual Parent Teacher Meeting (TY &5th Year )

Oct 19     Virtual Parent Teacher Meeting (3rd Year )

Oct 7       6th Yr Virtual Parent Teacher Meeting

                Maths Teacher Update 

Sep 3      Collection Arrangements during School Day 

Aug 25    School Response Plan

Aug 23    Induction Week Schedule

Jul 12     New Finish Times






Academic Year 2020 /21

May 17 Senior Cycle Booklist for Option Subjects

April 30 CAT 4 Assessments for 5th yr students in Academic Year 2021/22

April 30 HSE Letter re Cohort 7 Vaccinations:    

April 9 Return to School

Mar 15 Induction Programme -5th Yr

Mar 5 Circular re Leaving Cert Examinations

Mar 2 Parent Teacher Meeting ( 1st Yr Students)

Mar 1 Induction Programme -6th Yr

Mar 1 Updated School Response Plan 

Feb 26 Letter from DCMO

Feb 26 Changes to Timetable (1st, 2nd, 3rd, TY & 5th Year groups)

Feb 26 Update for 6th Year Parents and Students

Feb 24 Letter from Minister of Education re Schools re-opening

Feb 1 Senior Cycle Options Afternoon (for 3rd Yrs & TY students)

 Jan 29 Contact Information School Personnel 2021

Jan 27 Online Assessments (3rd, 5th & 6th Year students)

Jan 26 Virtual Parent Teacher Meeting (2nd Yr)

Jan 19 Career Guidance Information & CAO Deadlines 

Jan 11 TY Blocked Timetable

Jan 8   Remote Learning  &  Blocked Timetable

Jan 5  Extension School Holidays

Dec 21 Xmas Raffle Prize Winners

Dec 18 CMO Letter to Parents

Dec 17 HSE Update

Dec 13 Letter re HSE contact 

Dec 13 HSE Letter to Parents

Nov 17 Online Safety Webinar for Parents

Nov 4 Webinar Invite - Microsoft Teams Basics 

Sep 8 Canteen Information

Sep 7 Graduation Ceremony & First Year Arrangements

Sep 4  Senior Cycle Induction Programme

Sep 1  First Year Induction Details

Aug 27  Updated School Response Plan 2020 

Aug 26 DES Advice for Parents

Aug 25 HSE COVID Advice For Parents

Aug 24 COVID-19 Protocols

Aug 21 Revised Opening Dates

Aug 18 Update on Plans for Reopening & Induction Schedules

Aug 12 General Information

Aug 5 Re-Opening of School





Academic Year 2019 /20 


June 2 2020 Exam Fees Refund: (3rd & 6th Yr Students)

May 28 2020 Revised arrangements for CBA's for 2nd year students

May 12 2020 Leaving Certificate Update

May 1 2020  Summer Exam Information for 3rd Years and Assessment Overview

                      Summer Exams Information for 1st, 2nd & 5th Years   


April 29th 2020 Leaving Cert Options Talk & Subject Descriptors

Mar 27th 2020  NEPS advice following local tragedy

Mar 18th 2020  Remote Teaching & Learning  

Mar 12th 2020  School Closure re Corona Virus/COVIV-19

Mar 12th 2020 Talking to Children and Young People about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Advice for Parents and Schools

Mar 6th 2020   COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Feb 6th 2020    HSE Information Leaflet re Scabies

Jan 30th 2020  School Closure Tuesday 4th February

Jan 23rd 2020  Student Event for 5th & 6th Years

Jan 13th 2020  CAO Information Afternoon

Jan 10th 2020  After School Study

Dec 17th 2019   End of Term Arrangements

Oct 17th 2019  Parents Nominee to BOM

Sept 30th 2019 Junior Cert Results: Arrangements

Sept 17th 2019  Subject Choice & Foreign Language Information (1st Year Parents )

Sept 10th 2019 Peanut & Nut Allergies




Academic Year 2018 /219

May 17th 2019  JC & LC State Exams / End of Year Arrangements

May 14th 2019   Senior Cycle 2019 Update 

April 29th 2019    Application to Senior Cycle 2019 Form

                           A.   5th Year Subject Option Forms 2019/20

                           B.   TY APPLICATION FORM


April 12th 2019  Senior Cycle Options Afternoon

April 12th 2019   Study Skills Seminar run by The Super Generation

Mar 25th 2019   Hell and Back 2019

Feb 27th 2019   Easter Revision Programme - for ALL leaving Certificate Students.

Jan 18th 2019     Waterford IT Trip

Jan 7th 2019       CAO Information Evening

Dec 20th 2018    CAO Deadline

Oct 17th 2018     Univeristy of Limerick Open Day for 5th & 6th Year Students

Sept 2018  Traffic Arrangements & BOM vacancy


Academic Year 2017 /18

Nov 2017    Internet / Online Behaviour and Responsibility


Academic Year 2016 /17

Sept 2016   Morning Time Arrangements








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