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The Department of Education has announced an In-Person Supplementary Programme to support the education or care needs of post primary students with complex needs. This programme of in-person support is intended to supplement the teaching and learning provided by the student’s school and alleviate the impact of this period of school closure through the provision of 5 hours per week in-person teaching or care support to be delivered in homes.

In-person supplementary programme to support remote education

Despite the provision of remote teaching and learning by schools, there is a widespread concern that the lack of in-person support for learning may lead to regression in students with complex needs.

Therefore, there is good reason to offer an in-person supplementary programme to those students with complex needs at post primary level to alleviate the impact of this period of school closure.

It is intended that this programme would be provided by teachers or SNAs on a voluntary but paid basis to enhance the learning experience for these students and build on the learning taking place as part of the remote provision by the school.

How will In-Person Support operate?

This supplementary programme of in-person support is intended to supplement the teaching and learning provided by the student’s school and alleviate the impact of this period of school closure through provision of an additional 5 hours per week of home based in-person tuition or care support.

These hours supplement existing school provision therefore they cannot be delivered during the school day. They can however be delivered outside of the normal school day and/or at weekends.

As this will be a supplementary programme, it is voluntary for students, families, teachers and SNAs to participate.

Similar to the Department’s home based summer programme, parents must engage a teacher or an SNA directly. Schools are requested to assist in this regard.

Teachers and SNAs will be paid for this additional work through the Department’s payroll system upon receipt of the completed claim form from parents.


The following categories of students are eligible:

  • Students in mainstream classes in post primary schools who are accessing the highest level of the continuum of support (i.e. School Support Plus/for

    a Few). This will include students with Autism, Down syndrome, sensory impairments, and other disabilities.

  • Schools have flexibility to identify students that require the highest level of individualised and specialist support at any given time. This will ensure that students presenting with exceptional needs due to the current school closures can participate in the scheme.

More Inormation is available on the DES Website.


For futher information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Careers Talk - CAO/ Apprenticeships

6th year parents are invited to attend an online presentation by Mr Tynan (School Guidance Counsellor) this week via their childs TEAMS account. 
Both talks are at 5pm on Wednesday and Friday this week. Topics covered each session include:


Friday: PLC, Apprentices and Agricultural Colleges.

Please see Mr Tynans letter on Letters to Families section of website for further information.

JCT Inservice Mon 18th Jan


There will be no remote learning/online classes on Monday18th Jan 2021 as per School Calendar.

Teaching staff have (online) inservice for the JCT.


Govt Announcement 7th Jan 2021

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Key Points:

  • Minister for Education Norma Foley TD has confirmed that all schools will regrettably remain closed to students from Monday 11 January.


  • As of Monday 11 January students, including children with special needs, will resort to a programme of remote learning in line with the rest of the government restrictions.


Click here for Full Press Release

Govt Announcement 6th Jan 2021

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Key Points:

  • Schools will be closed until 1 February 2021.
  • Leaving Certificate final year students will receive in-school teaching provision for 3 days each week.
  • All other students to be supported to learn remotely.
  • Guidance services and supports will be available to all students.


Further information on the operation of the school will be issued on Letter to Families on Friday 8th Jan.

The Dept Education have requested that schools make arrangements to facilitate the collection of books by students in a safe manner as soon as possible. Therefore the school will open today (Thursday 6th Jan) from 1pm -3pm and tomorrow, (Friday 7th Jan ) from 11am -2pm. Students are asked to adhere to COVID protocols: reduce social interactions, increase physical distancing, sanitize hands on entry, wear face masks etc.


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