HSE Update: Mumps



We have had a number of reported cases of Mumps. Please see information from HSE by clicking the Links below:




Preventing transmission from individuals with mumps
Individuals with mumps should not attend work, school, college, university or child-care during their infectious period (i.e. for 5 days after onset of parotid swelling) in view of the possibility of transmitting virus to non-immune individuals.




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We are delighted that our Science Department are facilitating Scifest 2020 in Coláiste Abbáin with 1st Year students in May. 

How SciFest Benefits Students


  • it is locally based and there is no entry fee, making it highly accessible and inclusive

  • encourages students to develop an interest in science through an inquiry-based approach and hands-on activities

  • helps students to grow in confidence and develop their communication skills by exhibiting their work in a small, local, student-friendly environment

  • encourages students of all abilities and backgrounds to participate, lowering barriers and bringing the talents of diverse populations into the innovation pipeline

  • encourages and supports the greater participation of girls in STEM education

  • provides students with an opportunity to engage in activities that link science, maths, engineering and technology to their everyday lives and to society

  • provides students with an opportunity to visit their local third-level college, view the facilities and learn about the courses available, encouraging them to continue their STEM education into third-level

  • supports the inquiry-based, problem-solving approach promoted by the science and maths curriculum in second-level schools, thus improving students’ opportunities to achieve academic success



School Closure - 4 Feb 2020

As previously communicated in Letters to Families and by SMS,  the School will remain closed on Tuesday 4th February 2020.

Normal classes resume on Wednesday 5th February.

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