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 Dear Parents,

Our aim is to become a cashless school over time and to this end we use Way2Pay, Ireland's fastest growing Parental Payment System. While Way2Pay is designed to help schools manage, receipt, track and audit school money, it also provides a comprehensive system for parents. Parents can enjoy the ease of paying by text, and/or an online dashboard with lots of information, receipt, history etc. 

The Student Contribution is an "all in one payment" of €150 for all Junior Cycle Students and 6th Yr students. The TY Student Contribution is €250 and the 5th Year & LCA 1 contribution is €110 reflecting changes to the book rental scheme. The Student Contribution includes book rental, personal insurance, locker rental , school journal, printing/admin charges and web text costs. Access to these resources will be given following full payment. I would ask you to make this “all in one payment” online at www.way2pay.ie by 1st October 2021. If there are financial difficulties, please contact the Principal to discuss an alternative payment plan.

The all in one payment can be paid in installments online, it does not have to be a once off upfront payment.

Way2Pay offers support directly to parents so if you are having any difficulty using any of the options above please get in touch directly with their help desk.

More information:

Parents Information Sheet

 FAQ Section

The Way2Pay Parents Dashboard >>>> More help ....


To pay online parents have two options:


You will receive a Text Message from the School “Please pay for...” Click on the link on your phone

  • Enter last 4 digits of your mobile phone number
  • Select a bill, agree to T&C and click “Pay Now”. Then enter your Credit Card details to pay

Note: Click on Plus Icon ( + ) to add payment amount. Paying by text: you will be asked a security question before seeing your bills.



You can go to Way2Pay online and enter your user name and password details to access your dashboard

  • Log on to www.way2pay.org
  • Click – Login
  • Enter Mobile phone number for your Username & Password

 This will allow you to Login at any time and view all activities and bills from your child’s school.     

 In your Way2Pay dashboard you can see all activities for all your childrens including payment history and up-coming bills. You can store your card details, pay by instalments, up-load credit and make financial plans. 



Simply go to Way2Pay.org, enter your phone number and click to receive a new link to pay any outstanding bills.

Note: Click on Plus Icon ( + ) to add payment amount. Paying by text: you will be asked a security question before seeing your bills.


Kind regards,

Mr J.Nolan 


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