Punctuality to School

Coláiste Abbáin endeavours to cultivate positive, beneficial and respectful practices among its student body – practices and qualities that will enhance employability and make a significant contribution to successful and meaningful participation in society. Punctuality is one of these.

Lack of punctuality is unacceptable and disrespectful behaviour. In the school context it interrupts the instructional rhythm of the teacher and concentration of students. This degree of time wastage is highly significant to the teacher, the class grouping and the late student. Responding to serious and persistent late-coming consumes large amounts of valuable administrative time and effort.

Our Students Council have discussed this issue and have agreed on an appropriate sanction for lateness

On the day a student is late they will be required to attend detention during reflection filling in a penalty sheet for lateness. One written note from a parent /guardian per term will be accepted for genuine lateness.

This will commence on 14th January 2019. School starts at 8.52 with breakfast available from 8.10 onwards.  Class Reps and Prefects will communicate this to the student body.





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